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New Play Alliance
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New Play Alliance

Purpose of the New England New Play Alliance:

To bring together the collective energy and resources of new play producers and developers in New England to:

  • Grow audiences for new plays.
  • Encourage more new play development and production.
    • Spread the word outside of Boston about plays/playwrights from Greater Boston/New England

      To achieve these goals we’re engaging in a whole collection of projects, using members of Alliance groups, as well as involving playwrights and other members of the theater community.

Some of the projects that are planned or currently underway include:

New Play Ecosystem Data Project. We have gathered numbers about audiences for new plays--how many people are actually attending these new plays and readings in Boston and New England? We can now more effectively set targets and evaluate the results of Alliance projects. View the New England New Play Alliance 2012-14 New Play Attendance Report here. 


New Play Alliance "Brag Sheet." New England writers are a prolific and busy bunch. The NPA will publish a list of annual accomplishments by our writers. View the 2014 Brag Sheet here.

New Play Mailing List and Newsletter. We're making one central email list for people interested in knowing more about what's going on with new and local plays in New England. We send a weekly newsletter listing all readings and productions of new plays and plays by local writers to the list, and also do free ticket giveaways. You can sign up for the New Play List here.You can view a copy of a newsletter here.


Is your company staging a reading or production of anew play or a play by a New England writer? If so, be sure to let us know so we can help spread the word to new and local play enthusiasts.E-mail information to the newsletter editors at Issues go out every Tuesday.


New Play Booster Rewards App. A smartphone app that will encourage people to see new plays at different Alliance locations, basically serving as a punch card. Once the participant accumulates 8-10 punches at productions and readings of new plays, he or she is eligible to win free stuff--tickets, season passes, a StageSource membership, etc. Swag. The project is still in early stages of development.

Social Media Working Group. In addition to helping establish a social media presence for the Alliance itself (we have a Facebook page:, this group retweets and shares social media posts about new plays, to boost PR efforts around new play production and readings in New England.

Alliance Group Attendance. This project uses the New Play List to help set up group events to see productions and readings of New England new plays. Our first event was at SpeakEasy Stage Company's production of Necessary Monsters by John Kuntz. More events are on the way.  The goal is to have fun, help sell seats and reward producers for producing new work, and promote solidarity.

New Play Travel Fund. Raise funds for small travel grants for Boston-area writers to work on their out-of-town productions or readings. Their connections help benefit all New England writers, and help promote the production of New England work outside of our area. This is a small step in helping reverse the “pipeline” that seems to flow one-way. Even $1000 pays for a few flights or a lot of bus tickets. We will approach some carriers, like Bolt Bus, Amtrak, JetBlue, directly for some donated tickets to help start us off. This project is in the early stages of development.

New Play Enhancement Fund. Raise money that would be given as grants to companies who produce work by local writers. Grants could start out small, but even $500/$500 (half to the producer, half to the playwright) would help small companies a lot. This project is in the earliest phase of development.

World Domination. Not really. This group works to help promote the work of New England writers to media outlets and organizations outside of New England.

Inter-City Playwright Hospitality Project—this project will find Boston-area writers who are willing to host visiting playwrights from other cities, and set up a similar exchange with some writers/organizations in other partner cities (NYC, Chicago, DC, LA, Minneapolis, Seattle, etc.).

Playwrights Exchange. To promote relationships with other theater communities, and to enhance the skills and knowledge of our own writers, work to set up exchange programs with theater communities in other cities or countries.

Publishing Project. This group is working to put together an anthology of new work by New England writers. Plans are underway to have Smith & Kraus publish this anthology in 2016, of plays written by New England writers and produced by New England companies. Submissions are now open! Check out the Submission guidelines here. and the Submission form here

Company-to-Company Mentoring. This group will help bring make use of existing expertise to help share and develop best practices for the development and productions of new plays.

New Play Award. This project is exploring the idea of a "Best New Play" award to be given by the New Play Alliance to one of its members.

We need volunteers to help with all of these projects. If you see one that strikes your interest (or if you have an idea for another project that you want to help implement), please contact the NPA coordinator, Patrick Gabridge, at

You can sign up for the weekly New Play Newsletter here.



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