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Live From the Library
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Can StageSource go LIVE FROM THE LIBRARY IN 40 Days? We think so.  Donate TODAY!

In 1985, StageSource was founded to support Boston’s theater community.  That same year, the first domain name on the internet was registered to a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the twenty-seven years since then, Boston’s theater community grew, StageSource spread out into New England and the internet revolutionized the world.  Now it’s time for StageSource to revolutionize how it supports New England’s theater community.

The methods theaters have relied upon for communication, media coverage and funding have decreased or disappeared.  However, social media and technology provide alternatives that are more flexible, responsive and economical.  They are breaking down communication barriers and building communities.  However, creation, curation and distribution of electronic content can be challenging.


But not if this plan works.


Live from the Library will make the StageSource library a communication hub, a green room, and a meeting destination. We want to tape and film content from our library and deliver it to all three theater constituencies - the individual theater makers, the organizations and the audiences. Live from the Library would provide:


Useful tools such as professional development how-tos and social media lessons


Conversations by and between theater makers about their craft, career paths and best advice.


Current local theater news

A platform for our members to create content about what they think is important to our community


New technology can help sustain and support one of the oldest art forms – and what better place to explore its potential than here, where both the theater community and audiences understand the value of social media and the web.


StageSource is ready to lead the effort.  With your help, we can get the tools and manpower we need. Will you answer the call?


Consider making a donation. Your donation, no matter the size, will go towards creating a better StageSource and a stronger community.


We have 40 days to reach our $15,000 fundraising goal.  If every StageSource member gives $10 we can do it!  Come back to this page,visit us at, or read our blog for updates and details


To make a donation please visit Indiegogo!


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