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2020 - 2010 Program Calendar Draft
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A LETTER FROM THE Program Director:


Hello, Membership & Beyond -- 

It’s your favorite Program Director, here – Tonasia Jones! I have been with StageSource for about eight months. During this time, I’ve learned many things from the complicated—like how to best serve all of our membership—to the minutia like how to log into our voicemail box. The most important thing I have learned during this transition is the answer to “Why StageSource programs events and workshops?” The answer is you. YOU ARE WHY. You are why we provide programs that strive to make this sector stronger, healthier, and inclusive. So, in the name of providing for you, I thought, what better way to gauge if I’ve hit the nail on the head than to let you into our season planning process? 

As Program Director, my ultimate goal is making programs sustainable, accessible, and transparent. In the name of all of the above, here are some questions I am tackling for 2020-2021’s programming: 

  • Reimagining the StageSource Conference: How do we take the idea of our past conferences which spanned one full day, and expand it to last throughout the year?  In 2020-2021, I am hoping to bring continuous EDI & Anti-Racism (equity, diversity, and inclusion) workshops to New England through partnering with some amazing facilitators who are doing anti-racism work in Boston and beyond.  
  • Workforce Development: How do we build New England’s muscle for continuous learning? How does StageSource provide training/certificate opportunities expands your personal artistic growth, and gets you hired?
  • Advocacy: How can StageSource be a reliable and consistent advocate for all of our Sector Improvement initiatives? How do we strive to increase cultural participation for all—dismantling barriers and conducting interrogations of our work, embracing difficult issues that may make us uncomfortable—with a focus on empathy, kindness, and inextinguishable joy?
  • Connection: How do we serve every person and career field in our membership? How do we expand perceived boundaries (both geographical and career field) as a New England Arts Sector? How can StageSource broaden New England’s visibility, and connect NE to national conversations? In 2020-2021 we will be launching the first iteration of our Recognition Ceremony. You: “Tonasia, but what is a Recognition Ceremony?” Me: Well, we’ve been working all year with community members to create a peer-based ceremony that acknowledges and uplifts the incredible work in our sector. A draft proposal will be going public in January to keep us in connection and accountable to the New England Theater Sector. Please keep a lookout for it and tell us your thoughts. 

Now, take a look at the 2020-2010 Season Calendar (see below). The StageSource trio has a retreat coming up soon where we will be zeroing in on and expanding some of these ideas and events. Please remember, as you read, this calendar is our dream big programming plan; events may be altered, placed on hold, or scrapped altogether. My final ask? Let me know what you think. Tell me things you are worried about.  Tell me things you are excited about. Tell me holes you see or members that I am are leaving out.  Tell me if you you think we are spot on.  Tell me everything. Let us know your thoughts? 

Tonasia Jones | she/her/hers
Program Director, StageSource





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