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StageSource Theatre Conference
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[Formerly the Boston Theater Conference]  The StageSource Theater Conference biennially convenes hundreds of actors, directors, designers, playwrights, production and administrative personnel and theater enthusiasts from the region to consider issues facing Boston area theater, explore opportunities and confront challenges, and celebrate theater.




2017 - Arts Activism: Where Do You Fit In?



In June 2017 the StageSource Conference was held at Northeastern University. The theme behind the conference was arts activism, and the day was spent discussing not what the arts community needs, but what we offer during these times? Where can we lead? Where can we do better? From this conference several committees were formed and are continuing the conversations. A town hall will happen during the spring/early summer of 2018 to update folks on the progress of those committees.


2015 - StageSource Theater Conference:

In 2015, StageSource convened a conference at the Boston Opera House. The conversations within regarded how the Theater Community tells it's collective story as well as how we as individuals tell our stories to funders, audiences, and politicians who affect our futures. For more information on the day please click the link above.


Reframing Success - The 2013 StageSource Theater Conference

Home Grown: The Boston Theater Conference 2011, Linking the Pleasure of theater with a commitment to the community

In February of 2011, StageSource hosted HOME GROWN at the Paramount Theater, a discussion on how the Boston theater scene has taken root, grown and flourished. And what steps do we take to keep it alive and growing. Inspired by the tenents of the slow food movement, the conference drew connections to way the arts community could focus on supporting local talent, creating sustainability and cultivating an appreciation of the theater.
Inspired by our keynote speaker, Barbara Lynch (Founder of The Barbara Lynch Gruppo) we attempted to draw parellells and adopt what has been sucessful in the advancement of the Slow Food movement and apply it to our community. Our closing speaker, Michael Maso of the Huntington Theater painted a portrait of a constantly evolving and ever-growing theater scene from the fringe to mid-size to large theaters that has blossomed into a thriving local scene.

BOSTON THEATER: RAISING OUR STANDARD, the Boston Theater Conference 2008

In August 2008, StageSource hosted BOSTON THEATER: RAISING OUR STANDARD at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. The Conference addressed topics to collectively and collaboratively work as a community and identify next steps for Boston theater including:
· Artistic and Organizational Collaborative Exchanges
· Boston as an incubator of new works
· Creating a culture of sharing
· Art on our Stages: thought provoking, inspiring, risk-taking
The conference also featured a conversation with Artistic Directors from three of the region’s larger professional theaters including Curt Columbus (Trinity Repertory Company), and Boston’s two newest, Diane Paulus (American Repertory Theater) and Peter DuBois (Huntington Theatre Company). In addition, breakout sessions, moderated lunch groups and panels provided rich and meaningful opportunities for dialogue and action.

THE ARTIST AS CITIZEN, the Boston Theater Conference 2006Lunch Group Breakout, August 2006

On Saturday, August 5, 2006, hundreds of actors, directors, designers, playwrights, production and administrative personnel throughout the New England theater community convened at Spingold Theatre, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, to meet fellow artists, witnessed performances from Boston area stages, learned from and networked with fellow artists, and explored the issue of social responsibility on Boston-area stages and in our theaters. Included will be local and national artists creating innovative work, challenging and energized discussions, thoughtful breakout sessions, and opportunities to network.

RISK, REWARDS, RESULTS: Boston Theater 2004 and Beyond

On August 7, 2004, StageSource hosted the first-ever Boston Theater Conference, Risk, Rewards, Results: Boston Theater 2004 and Beyond. A meaningful convening at Brandeis University's Spingold Theatre of 265 professional and emerging theater artists including actors, directors, designers, playwrights, production and administrative theater personnel and organizations throughout New England provided the community its first significant occasion to collectively take stock of the recent past, the current climate in which we create our art, and the future landscape. The Greater Boston theater arena had changed dramatically over the preceding five years with the emergence of a significant number of new theater companies and artists and the maturation of many existing companies and artists throughout the region. From the time of the Conference over the course of 18 months, at least ten new performance spaces were scheduled to open creating a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. Having a community-wide dialogue at this critical juncture seemed very appropriate. In addition to panels and breakout sessions, the Conference featured a keynote address by Anne Bogart.

Town Meetings

The idea for Boston Theater Conferences came out strategic planning from the StageSource board of directors and staff as a direct result of the growth of the community and as an extension of the annual StageSource Theater Town Meetings which took place from June 2000 to June 2003. Speakers at Town Meetings included Ben Cameron (former Executive Director of Theatre Communications Group), Barbara W. Grossman (Chair, Department of Drama and Dance, Tufts University), and Oskar Eustis (former Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Theatre).

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