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Circle of Friends
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The Circle of Friends card is a 2-for-1 ticket discount card
Valid at over 70 theaters throughout New England, including companies in Maine, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and the Merrimack Valley.

If you are an audience member and would like to take advantage of
the 2-for-1 discount, consider the StageSource Theater Lovers membership.



To list your theater on the 2019-2020 Circle of Friends Card please contact 


If you would like to order cards for your subscribers/members, you may do so HERE.  Please email with your shipping information and the number of cards you wish to purchase.




Before reserving tickets, please READ THE POLICIES
of each theater listed on the card. 





What is the Circle of Friends card?
The Circle of Friends card is a two-for-one ticket card that can be used once per season at each of the 55+ listed New England theatres.

Who gets a Circle of Friends card?
The Circle of Friends card is 
distributed to over 50,000 households to promote greater awareness of theater in our region. All StageSource Members & Theatre Lovers receive a CoF card each September!  You may also receive a CoF card if you are a subscriber to one of our many member theatres.

Who is listed on the 2018-2019 Circle of Friends card?
To find the list of all 55 current participating theatres and their policies, click here!

 What are the valid dates of the cards?
The current 2018-2019 Circle of Friends Card is valid through September 30, 2019

How Do I use the card?
You can use the 2-for-1 discount once per season at each of the listed theatres (thats over 55 times!)  The cardholder is responsible for calling the box office of the theatre the wish to attend in advance to:

  • Identify themselves as a Circle of Friends cardholder
  • Determine the availability of tickets
  • Make reservation/purchase

Policies of when the 2-for-1 discount is valid varies from theatre to theater, please click here to check each theatre's policies.

This sounds great! How do I sign up!?
If you are not currently a member, all you have to do is sign up for a membership and we will send you your membership card with your new membership welcome package.

Current members, we send a mailing in September with the current year's Circle of Friends card!


Theater FAQS:

Who is eligible to be listed on the Circle of Friends card?
Listing on the card is available only to StageSource Organizational Members. All Individual, Individual PLUS and Theater Lover members receive one Circle of Friends card per year as part of their membership benefits.

Can I set my theaters criteria for use?
As stated on the CoF card, the card is not valid at the issuing theater. Each theater may set their own policies regarding the performances at which the card will be honored.

What are the criteria to be listed on the card?
There are only two criteria for being listed on the Circle of Friends Card:

  • The organization must be a current StageSource Organizational Member
  • The organization must hold publicly announced performances
    [We also ask that organizations try to monitor effectiveness of the Circle of Friends Card to help StageSource improve this service]

Ack! My organization isn’t a member! What do I do!?

If you are not currently a member of StageSource but would like to add your company to the card for next year, you can sign up for membership and learn about all of our other services and benefits here.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs are based on the number of cards you order:

  • Individuals pay nothing.
  • Shipping Prices for 2018-19 (subject to change based on USPS pricing)
    • 25-50 - $8
    • 75-100- $10
    • 101-500- $15
    • 501-2000- $20
    • 2001-4000- $40
    • 4001-6000-$60
    • 6001+ - $80
    • Over 500 pick up at office - $20 handling
    • Pick up for orders under 500 cards - FREE

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