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StageSource Annual Auditions Frequently Asked Questions
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General & Registration Questions:   

How do I apply?

Complete the registration form and make sure to follow the instructions. You can find registration forms and other information on our Audition Information page.  Non-Equity actors must be current PAID StageSource members in order to audition.  It takes the office one week to process a membership, so sign up well in advance of the audition application deadline. 

What is required to apply for an audition slot?

  • Non-Equity actors must be a member of StageSource at the time they apply AND the time of their assigned audition. Equity members do NOT have to be members of StageSource
  • Apply before the application deadline.
  • Non-Equity actors must have a completed profile page on (with profile picture, resume or bio, and demographic information)

Am I Equity or non-Equity? What does that mean?

If you don't know, you are non-Equity. For more information on Equity see

I go to all the open calls, why should I do this too?

Some producers don't hold open calls, and some roles are often cast before an open call. The only way to be considered for these roles is for the producer to know your work and have you in their files. The StageSource annual auditions are an excellent opportunity to be seen by a large cross-section of Boston-area producers.

Will I get work from these auditions? When?

We hear from producers that, while they sometimes have cast people directly from this audition, more often they use this as a preliminary call and bring people in for callbacks later in the year, or even in future years. Even if they have seen you audition before, this is a great opportunity to show them another side to your work, or to refresh their memory. 

I've never done an audition before.  Should I do this as my first one?

These auditions may or may not be the best place to start out. In most auditions there are 2-3 auditors in the audience, and you have a chance to say hello to them. The StageSource Tier Two auditions are a much higher pressure situation, with anywhere between 30-100 people in the room and no time to get to know them. Our Tier One auditions could be a more appropriate starting point. However, you might still want to consider first going to some auditions that you see on our e-newsletters to get comfortable with auditioning, and come to these auditions next year.

I have a day job.  Do these producers rehearse at night?

Many do. However, there are some companies that rehearse during daytime hours and there are often casting directors present who are casting for commercials and other projects that require daytime work.

Can my child audition?

Yes. We have Sunday, April 7th from 10-11am reserved for actors under the age of 16.

I'm Equity but my scene partner isn't. Can they still come to the AEA auditions?

Unfortunately, no.  It is AEA policy that only AEA members can participate during the AEA portion of our auditions.

Preparing for your audition: 

What type of pieces should I prepare? 

Present your strongest material. Depending on your strengths, that may mean classical or contemporary, comedic or dramatic.

How do I prepare my monologue?

Memorize it, do your "actor work", and have someone else see them. If you can afford it, an audition coach is invaluable in giving insight and direction, as well as helping to find and choose material. Make sure to have someone else time you - the one-minute limit (three minutes for AEA) is strictly enforced.

Will you share the contact information for the accompanist?

That honestly depends on the accompanist. If we're given permission to share their information, we will email you that information when we confirm your audition. We will not schedule appointments with them for you and any fees they charge are not controlled by StageSource in any way.


At the Audition:  

What happens when I show up?

Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled half-hour block. You will check in with Performer Registration, who will collect your headshots and tell you when we will next need you. You will then have some time to relax and warm-up while we collate your headshots. Unfortunately you must remain quiet while you're indoors as people are auditioning very close by. You will be called together in a group and given some information about the procedures, and brought into the hallway. Our Stage Manager will check the pronunciation of your name and tell you about the set-up of the space, and then call you in one-by-one. You will be given a list of registered producers, and there will be a highlighted list posted on the wall showing who is in attendance that day. 

Why do I need so many headshots and resumes?

Youth actors need 18, non-equity actors need 35, and AEA actors need 30 headshots and resumes. We always ask for a few extra since we don't know exactly how many we will need until that day- producers can register in the morning when they arrive. If you don't have all your headshots, you may miss getting one to that producer who thought you were fabulous, but now has no way to contact you!  We collect extras and returns. They will be available for you to collect at Improv Boston on Tuesday until 6pm. After that, resumes that remain uncollected will be discarded. You may also bring with you to the auditions a SASE stamped for $5.50 to cover the cost of mailing extra headshots and resumes back to you. Everyone has some headshots returned from producers who perhaps know that there is not a role for you in their season, or who already have you in their files, etc. Producers who registered but did not show up one day will get a set of headshots from that period. Please be sure that your headshots are securely attached to your resumes on all four corners.  

What producers usually attend the auditions?

Producers will register up until the day of the event.  The list changes every year.  

Why do I have to sign up for a half-hour timeblock?

We used to give out an exact time (like 10:52), but few people ever went on in their exact time slot because of the logistics of 400 performers! The half-hour block sets a clearer expectation of when you will be auditioning. It's important to arrive 45 minutes early as we request, since we need time to collate headshots, and we may be running ahead of schedule.

How much time do I have to audition?

Non-Equity performers have one minute for either a song or monologue OR 90 seconds for bothEquity performers have three minutes or six minutes for a scene with a partner. This time limit is strictly enforced; at one minute the Stage Manager will say "time", and you should then thank the auditors and exit the stage politely. We have over 400 performers, so it is essential that we enforce these limits. See below for information about announcing your pieces. 

Do I get a chance to announce my name and my pieces?

Yes, and it is encouraged. Producers like that few seconds to see you, instead of the character(s) you will be portraying. The Stage Manager will announce your name. You may then choose to state your name and the name(s) of your piece(s) and then the timer will start. However, if you choose to tell the auditors any more than that, the Stage Manager will start timing you if you ramble.

What happens if I'm singing? Do I get to meet the accompanist?

If you indicate that you will be singing on your application, we will schedule you when our accompanist will be there. Unfortunately you will not have a chance to meet the accompanist on the day of the auditions. If you prefer, you may bring a cued, battery-operated tape-player or CD-player, however producers have told us that they prefer to see you sing with an accompanist.

Can I see the space before I audition?

During the auditions the space is constantly in use and is not available to performers. If you would like to see the space, please visit ImprovBoston during one of their wonderful performances or classes! 

Canceling / Changing Audition Time: 

What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel at least a week ahead of time, your time slot will be given to someone else and it will not be damaging to you in any way. We encourage you to do so as soon as possible to give others sufficient time to prepare. However, if you confirm and do not show up, or confirm and cancel less than a week in advance, you will be last priority for the following year's auditions, no exceptions. Producers receive a list of scheduled performers which will include your name, even if you cancel within the last week so it looks badly on you if your name is on the list but you are not there.

What if I need to change my time?

The scheduling link you receive through SignUp Genius will allow you to make changes to your time slot as long as the slot you want to switch to is still available. Beyond that, you may email but we cannot guarantee that we will have an opening to fit your schedule. 

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