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Gender Explosion Initiative
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Gender Explosion Initiative

Creating a space for gender diverse theater

Theater in New England is an overwhelmingly cisgender experience, and the world is rapidly moving forward. Transgender and non-binary artists exist and are ready to work! It is necessary that we all do our part to include them and to create space for gender diverse theater.

Join us on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30 PM for the first Gender Explosion Forum!





There are lots of ways you can foster gender diversity in your theatre. It may feel like a big task and you may have some rewiring of your own thinking to do, but there are simple changes you can make right now to support transgender and non-binary artists.

CLICK HERE for a list of things YOU can do (today, next week, this month, this year) that will make a difference!



Equality for Her: Gender Diversity  |

An introduction to gender diversity with a glossary of common terms, authored by a trans woman.


GLAAD Tips for Allies  |

A guide to allies of trans and non-binary people on how to best support them.


The New Play Exchange  |

A network of playwrights, many of whom identify as transgender or non-binary. You can filter plays by subject matter, character identities, and author identities. Part of The National New Play Network.


The Non-Binary Monologues Project  |

A collection of monologues for non-binary actors to find material for auditions. Lists authors and plays that identify with non-binary identity or contain non-binary gender subject matter. Run by a non-binary person.


The Killjoy List  |

A 2014 response to The Kilroys List, consisting entirely of trans and non-binary playwrights. Authored by a trans man. More recent Kilroy’s Lists have been inclusive of trans and non-binary writers, but not exclusively.




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