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Gender Parity Initiative

The Gender Parity Initiative is compiled of working groups dedicated to the goal of "50/50 by 2020"—That is a 50% representation of people with marginalized gender identities* in the New England theater scene by the year 2020.

The initiative creates and coordinates audience engagement initiatives that promote awareness around and engagement in the gender parity issue, and collects data to benchmark and drive parity work in the New England theatre sector.

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*What is a Marginalized Gender Identity?

Simply put, a marginalized gender identity (MGI) is any gender that isn’t a cisgender man (a man who was assigned male at birth and currently identifies as a man).  When StageSource initially created the Gender Parity Task Force back in 2015 their focus was specifically on women—a 2013-2014 season survey found that men outnumbered women by at least 2 to 1 in many fields including directing, playwriting, and design.

But hiring discrimination and workplace gender inequity is a broad reaching problem, and since then, we have expanded our parity efforts to include all marginalized genders.  This includes but is not limited to: all women, trans, non-binary, agender, and genderqueer people.


 Standing O Stamp   standing o stamp

StageSource member organizations may opt themselves into being considered for a Standing O Stamp on our digital New England theatre calendar the StagePageAn event qualifies for a Standing O if it meets three of the following five criteria:

At least a 50% MGI / Female CAST
At least a 50% MGI / Female DESIGN TEAM
MGI / Female centered STORY

Submissions are accepted from StageSource members only. The StagePage is accessible to the public, including artists, organizations, and the press.  Visit to submit your show

Parity Parties

Parity Parties are events to promote and bring audiences to Standing O-stamped productions. When submitting for a Standing O to the StagePage, make sure to check the box on the form and let us know that you are interested in being considered for a Parity Party. If you have questions, or decide you'd like to be considered after you submitted your event, contact


THE Gender Parity REport

This is a project that has been taken on by the Genders Parity Task Force.  Our goal is to develop the data collection mechanism for the report, and to keep refining the process. Moving forward, we will continue to collect this data and numbers to benchmark New England's progress in Gender Parity. 

Click here to see the 2015 Gender Parity Report or Click here to download the report

Click here to find out more about the upcoming Hackathon that will generate the 2019 Gender Parity Report.  



Here are some links to other work being done in the field:

  • In December, 2015 the Dramatist Guild will be releasing a national report, The Count.
  • In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Female Playwrights’ Initiative released The Study. The group is still active, with meetups and convenings.


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