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Gender Parity Task Force
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Click here to sign up for the Gender Parity Task Force Google Group


The Gender Parity Task Force is compiled of working groups dedicated to the goal of "50/50 by 2020"  - That is a 50% female* (*also includes non-gendernormative individuals) representation in the theater scene of Boston and New England.

The sub-groups are listed below as well as a few projects they are working on (updated 5/12/2016) 

Audience Engagement/Standing O
Create and coordinate audience engagement initiatives that promote awareness around and engagement in the gender parity issue. Contribute to Standing O on social media, plan Parity Parties, and will reach out to other organizations in the area with a vested interest in our work, but not necessarily from a theater perspective.

The public facing group is called the STANDING O - On Facebook as and Twitter @StandingOBoston

Standing O Programs:

  • Standing O Stamp - StageSource members may opt themselves into being considered for a Standing O Stamp on our digital New England theatre calendar the StagePage.  The Standing O committee looks at each event submitted for a Standing O and determines whether or not an event qualifies. If it does, it will receive a Standing O Stamp.   Visit to learn more.
  • Parity Parties - Events to promote Standing O recipients and bring audiences to these events! Only Standing O recipients are able to receive Parity Parties. Visit to learn more.


Develop initiatives for the college/university community to promote gender parity in theater, such as a survey for students and mentorship opportunities. STUDENTS TAKE THE SURVEY HERE!

Developed the data collection mechanism for the report. Moving forward, will look at other numbers to benchmark, and how to collect this information. 

Click here to see the 2015 Gender Parity Report or Click here to download the report

Exploring how to get the work on the stage now that the numbers are out there. A series of readings is the proposed starting point, but ideally could use people with producing capabilities. Lots of questions this group is looking to answer: produce an independent series? Find a community partner? Try to partner with several theaters like in DC?

Strategy (formerly Roundtable/Power Mapping/Report)
Moving forward, this group will look at delineating the GPTF's overarching goals, strategies for achieving them, and methods for measuring success across our initiatives. Will take a closer look at the Tonic Theatre's method and see if we can replicate in some way.

Networking (new!)
Will promote ways for theater artists, producers, etc to connect with one another. Will throw showcases for designers with an emphasis on women/trans/people of color, events for emerging and established women/trans directors to connect, and use Standing O to promote opportunities.



If you or someone you know would like to be involved with the Gender Parity Task Force, please sign up for the google group! - Once you have signed up for the google group, sign up for a sub-group!




Here are some links to other work being done in the field:

WomenArts in San Francisco released a report in April called Not Even: A Gender Analysis of 500 San Francisco/Bay Area Theatrical Productions, 2011-2014  by Valerie Weak in collaboration with Martha Richards and Christine Young.

In December, 2015 the Dramatist Guild will be releasing a national report, The Count.

In Washington D.C., Gwydion Suilebhan and David Mitchell Robinson are tracking data around playwrights and directors

In Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Female Playwrights’ Initiative released The Study. The group is still active, with meetups and convenings.

In Chicago, the Gender Equity Task Force released a report in 2010.

In Toronto, Equity in Theatre held a symposium in April. Over 100 people spent a day discussing their latest report, Achieving Equity in Canadian Theatre: A Report with Best Practice Recommendations. 

Women in the Arts & Media Coalition has a “Studies” page that includes links to a lot of work being done in this space.


The International Centre for Women Playwrights provides several services, including the 50/50 Applause Award.




Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s audacious move to gender equity: Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/29/2015




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