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Helpful Hints for Singers
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Helpful Hints for Singers



Present your music in a binder or photocopied on card stock.

Photocopy so that everything is legible, including all the notes on the bottom of the page and the chord symbols (if any) at the top of the page

Clearly mark any tempo, meter or key changes

Clearly mark the beginning and end

Clearly mark anything unusual you may do within the body of the song (breaks, sudden stops, monologues, etc.)

Bring a copy of your monologue if it precedes the song in the audition

Time your songs in advance

Sing songs that show off your talents as a singer and musician – belt vs. legit, pop vs. classical, good sense of rhythm

Sing songs that show you off as an actor – what is your point of view, what are you trying to say

Sing songs that you can sing in your sleep

Check with your voice teacher, coach or pianist in advance to see how it sight-reads


Ask the pianist to play out of a song book, a score or anything that needs to be propped open. Supply photocopies in a binder or on card stock

Ask the pianist to transpose

Present music from fakebooks

Sing a song for the first time at an audition

Sing a song that you have not already sung with a pianist


Sing to a cassette tape or CD. Live accompaniment is always better

Ask the pianist to play a song with multiple meter changes (e.g. 3/4 to 5/4 to 4/4)

Updated December 2009

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