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NPA new england NEW PLAY alliance

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Founded in 2014, the New England New Play Alliance seeks to bring together the collective energy and resources of new play producers and developers in Greater Boston/New England.


  • Grow audiences for new plays.
  • Encourage more new play development and production.
  • Spread the word outside of Boston about plays/playwrights from Greater Boston/New England

Coordinators: Lesley Moreau & Lisa Rafferty [email]
Social Coordinator: Greg Hovanesian
NPA Newsletter Managing Editor: David Beardsley [email]
NPA Newsletter Editors: Eric Cheung, Deirdre Girard, Nick Malakhow, David Reiffel



Upcoming events to be announced...

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The NPA Newsletter – If a new play event happens in New England, it will be in this weekend email blast. Subscribe to it and send in your events.

Workshops – The NPA holds occasional workshops around New England on topics of interest to New England playwrights.

Guides – We hope to foster new play development by making it easier to connect playwrights with support structures and vice versa with two new projects which will each be free to download as PDFs and continually updated

  • The Official Directory of New England Playwrights – An upcoming companion to The Field Guide, the Official Directory will seek to compile every active playwright in New England into an ongoing directory. 

New England Monologues Project. Promoting playwrights. Helping Actors. Advancing New Work.

The New England Monologues Project has two main goals — Increase exposure of contemporary living New England based playwrights to directors and artistic staff & provide benefit to StageSource actor members by allowing them access to a database of fresh audition material

WRITERS submit a monologue here — to submit, writers must be residents of New England

ACTORS click here to access the Monologues Project Blog (Members Only)— Get new, unique material.

Participating playwrights have granted access to their work only to StageSource members. For that reason, we ask that you not share these materials with anyone else. Should a fellow actor request access to this database please refer them to us for information about joining StageSource. Thank you for your cooperation.

IMPORTANT! Permission to use these monologues in auditions is only granted with the understanding that you will include the following information when you slate at the beginning of your audition:

  • The name of the playwright
  • The name of the play from which the monologue is taken (when applicable)
  • Acknowledgement this is a local playwright or that you got the piece from the NPA Monologues Project

Example: "Hi, my name is Dawn Simmons and I'll be performing a piece from Sabrina in the River by local playwright Sloth Levine."

While you're here, check out Elle Borders & Brandon Green reading two selections from the New England Monologues database...


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Projects from NPA’s past that we may revisit and revive in the future...

  • The New England New Play Anthology (2016) — An anthology of full-length plays produced in recent years by prominent local playwrights, including Walt McGough, Melinda Lopez, Marisa Smith, Kirsten Greenidge, John Kuntz, Steven Barkhimer, MJ Halberstadt, and John Minigan. $25.00.

  • New Play Ecosystem Data Project (2012 - 2014) — We gathered numbers about audiences for new plays--how many people are actually attending these new plays and readings in Boston and New England? We can now more effectively set targets and evaluate the results of Alliance projects.

  • NPA Brag Sheet (2014) — New England writers are a prolific and busy bunch. The NPA will publish a list of annual accomplishments by our writers.

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