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StageSource drives sector improvement work with the goals of building healthy work environments, fostering challenging discussions on the issues impacting our community, and ultimately creating a bigger table where every theatre artist has a seat.


A11Y InitativeTheaters across Boston and the nation are shifting their priorities towards diversity and inclusion. Through the development and implementation of the A11Y Initiative, StageSource seeks to create systemic change in Boston and provide an archetype for how to embrace diversity.


Theaters across Boston and the nation are shifting their priorities towards equity, diversity, and inclusion, without understanding that the work is constant, systematic, and process changing.  Through the development and implementation of the Anti-Racism Initiative, StageSource seeks to build a mutual understanding and authentic commitment to the fight against racism within theater and the arts within New England. 


Gender Explosion
Focuses on creating space for gender diverse theater.  Theater in New England is an overwhelmingly cisgender experience, and the world is rapidly moving forward. Transgender and non-binary artists exist and are ready to work! It is necessary that we all do our part to include them and to create space for gender diverse theater.
Join the Gender Explosion Working Group here.


Gender Parity Initiative
Surrounds issues of gender equity.  The Gender Parity Task Force is compiled of working groups dedicated to the goal of "50/50 by 2020"  - That is a 50% representation of people with marginalized gender identities in the theater scene of Boston and New England.
Join the Gender Parity Working Group here.


Line Drawn Initiative
For the performing arts community, this is a challenge for us to create safe working spaces for our community, address issues, have bystanders trained, and be leaders in a culture shift. StageSource and Impact Boston are working on developing a training program specifically for the performing arts community.
Join the Line Drawn Working Group here.



New England New Play Alliance
Concentrates on issues surrounding new plays and the playwrights who write them.  Through growing audiences for new plays, encouraging new play development and production, and to spread the word about playwrights across New England.


Theater Trustees Affinity Group
Our newest sector initiative—convening board members & theater enthusiasts serving the performing arts sector. Discussing methods of advancing a well-rounded theatre ecology by committing time and cognitive resources to learning about the issues impacting the region’s theatres and artists and sharing that information with fellow board members and the companies they serve.


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