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StageSource Auditions
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2020 StageSource Annual Auditions. Tier one March 14th at the Booth Theatre at BU. Tier two: april 5-7th at ImprovBoston


The 2019 StageSource Auditions are now over—thank you to everyone who attended!
 Information on the 2020 StageSource Auditions will be released around January 2020.

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General Info  |  FAQs  |  Registration


 Non-Equity Actors

  • Non-Equity (Non-AEA) actors must be paid members of StageSource in order at the time of registration and at the time of your audition. If you will not be a current paid StageSource member at the time of the auditions, you will not be eligible
  • Non-Equity auditions will take place in two tiers. We are working closely with producers and casting agents to ensure that we present them with a diverse and well-qualified pool of candidates. To that end, the audition registration form includes a series of questions that represent the various considerations being weighed in determining into which audition tier an actor is initially placed.
  • Non-Equity audition registration is now closed. Extended deadline registrants will receive a link to sign up for their time slot by the end of the day on March 1st.

Tier One Auditions

  • Tier one auditions are March 14th at the Booth Theatre at Boston University
  • They will be observed by a group of seasoned professional actors, directors, and casting personnel working in Boston. These auditors have casting authority and will be considering actors for work.
  • All Tier One auditions will be ONE MINUTE in length.  Your audition may include a monologue, song, or both (ie. a short piece and 16 bars) but please adhere to the time limit.
    • If you chose to perform a song, please note StageSource will not be providing an accompanist for Tier One, however there will be a piano keyboard available in the space.
  • Please bring four copies of your headshot and resume
  • The panel will recommend that some actors move on to the Tier Two auditions in April
  • Anyone who is not invited to advance to Tier Two may request the auditors' recommendations about how to more effectively prepare for next year's auditions

Tier Two Auditions

  • Tier Two auditions are April 5th - 7th at ImprovBoston
  • Tier Two will be attended by 30-40 producing theatre companies and casting directors
  • Non-Equity actors should bring 35 copies of your headshot and resume.  Those attending the slot for actors 16 and under should bring 22 copies of their headshot and resume.
  • Tier Two is open to actors who advance from Tier One auditions and to actors who initially met significant application criteria (ie. past credits at member theaters)

Notification of Appointment Time

Applicants should have received notification of the audition Tier to which you have been assigned, which also included a link to schedule an audition time.  If you have no received this, please check your Spam folder, and then contact our office. 





Did I really miss the auditions this year? 

Audition applications for 2019 are now closed. But applications for the 2020 StageSource Annual Auditions will open around late January 2020.


Why do we get “only” one minute (or 90 seconds for a song and monologue at Tier two)?

Actors often feel that they can’t showcase their talents in one minute and that it is difficult to find a piece to fit in the time frame. Remember the goal of these auditions is to get a callback. It is extremely rare for anyone to get a role from only the StageSource Audition. The StageSource Auditions are the equivalent of a “casting handshake.” Give the directors a taste of what you can do and leave them wanting more. One minute is more than enough time to accomplish this goal.


Does StageSource offer any assistance in preparing for the auditions?

We do!  Keep an eye out for our workshops, such as the Actors Master Suite, or the GoAudition Workshop—coming again in February—where you can work with New England's best directors & coaches, and get advice on auditions, resumes, and headshots at our panel discussions. 



Click HERE For More FAQs




AEA Actors

  • AEA Auditions will take place on Monday, April 6, 2020, time TBD
  • The priority deadline to register will be mid-February TBD.  Applications will be accepted until the day of auditions.
  • AEA Actors need not be members of StageSource in order to attend
  • AEA Actors should plan to bring 30 copies of your headshot and resume
  • You will be allowed a total of three minutes audition time if auditioning alone – six minutes if auditioning with a partner.  Both you and your scene partner must sign up for the auditions during the same half hour time slot.  Your time will begin no later than ten seconds after the stage manager introduces you and does not stop between your audition pieces. Please plan your audition pieces accordingly.
  •  Before beginning your application, make sure you have the following things ready:
  1. Your AEA Membership number
  2. Electronic versions of your headshot (.jpeg or .png files preferred) and resume (PDF preferred)
  3. A scanned PDF or photo of your current, up to date AEA Membership Card 

Please name all files with your name and the document title, such as Jane_Doe_resume. These electronic files will be made available to producers and a file named "resume.pdf" will be easily lost.

  • Within a week of your application, you will receive an email with a link to SignUp Genius where you will be able to choose your own audition time. When registering, you chose “AEA Non Singing” or “AEA Singing.” This selection will generate the appropriate SignUp Genius link. AEA Non Singing auditions will take place from 10am to 1pm. AEA Singing auditions will take place between 2pm and 6pm. **If you are a singer, but need an earlier time slot, or if you are not singing, but can only attend after 2pm you should email in order to request a different time slot.




General Info for Everyone


You must arrive at least one hour prior to your scheduled audition.  Please be prompt!  This extra time allows for check in, collating your picture/resumes, and keeping the auditions running on time.  If you do not arrive at least one hour before your scheduled audition time, you risk forfeiting your audition opportunity.




If you must cancel your assigned slot, please contact StageSource at no later than 1 week prior to your assignment so that we can fill the slot in a timely manner. Failure to cancel your assignment may prevent you from receiving a slot in future years.




If you want extra headshot/resumes returned to you, please supply a 9x12 SASE with postage in the amount of $5.50, bring $7 cash with you to your audition for us to provide you with an envelope and postage, or pick them up at the audition site on Tuesday, April 9th by 6:00pm.


Questions? Please email


If you're a theater, casting agent, or producer looking to attend auditions CLICK HERE



**Remember Non-Equity actors must be current PAID StageSource members (Individual Artist or Individual Plus) at the time of the auditions in order to audition. SIGN UP NOW for membership and you won't be left out.**


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