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StageSource workshops are a great way to get personal or professional development classes at an affordable rate.  Most workshops are open to the public, but StageSource members have access to them at a discounted rate.



If I Knew Then Series ... (Directors, Designers, New England Born & Bred) 

Intimacy for the Stage: A Three Day Intensive

The Actors Master Suite

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Past workshops have included:

LINE DRAWN — Bystander Intervention Training

LINE DRAWN — Introduction to Intimacy in Performance (session 1 & session 2) (Spring 2019)

LINE DRAWN — Introduction to Intimacy for Theater Administrators (Spring 2019)

LINE DRAWN — Introduction to Intimacy Direction for Theatre Educators (Spring 2019)

GoAudition Workshop (Winter 2019)

Creative Campaigns (Spring 2016)

Actor Coach Meet Up (Spring 2016)

Go!Audition (Spring 2015)

Basic Training: Building Your Administrative Core 2013, 2015 and 2016

Nuts & Bolts: Professional Development Series for Administrators (Fall 2014)

Life GPS: Personal Development Series (Fall 2014)

Actor's Toolbox: Workshops for Actors (Fall 2014)

Actors Write Plays (Fall 2014 and 2016)

If I Knew Then... Series

Tax Savings Strategies

Nuts & Bolts: Financial Planning

Health Care Reform for Creative Professionals

Perfectign Your Pitch with Robbie Samuels

Financial Planning Basics: Strategies for Creatives

Writing in 3D - Wrighting the Fight: What Playwrights Need to Know About Staged Violence

The Power to Ask: A Workshop in Negotiation for Women in Theatre and the Arts

Non-Profit Incorporation Seminar

To Be or Not To Be: A Discussion on the pros and cons of becoming a Non-Profit Theatre

Acting with the Alexander Technique: A New Master Class with Betsy Polatin and Judy Braha

Actor's Master Suite: A one-day intensive in physical training for actors

Symposium on Collaboration with Olympia Dukakis, in partnership with Emerson College

Writing in 3D: a workship for playwrights learning from designers

Budgeting Seminar with Julie Hennrikus

Introduction to Fundraising with Buzz Harris

Audition Preparation Workshop

Website Development

Self-Producing and Marketing

Physical Comedy with Dan Milstein, Rough & Tumble Theatre

Voice-Over with Jordan Rich

Stage Combat

Tax Preparation

Directing Shakespeare

Classical Acting

StageSource Partners